Vision of the Future

Aryeh’s Vision on the FUTURE OF JACLA

Aryeh Rifkin, President and Founder

Aryeh Rifkin, Founder

JACLA only scratched the surface of its potential of programs for Jewish woman (empowerment, concerts, shiurim, mixing), students, young adults, singles events for all stages in life, couples, families and children.  JACLA can offer more events for each group’s physical, mental and spiritual growth by offering more lectures, music, art, meditation, meals, onegs/mixers, exercises, Shabbat and chaggim events.

Jewish activities are a constant 24/7/365 commitment.  How can JACLA be a true Jewish Activities Center if it’s not open?  I envision “removing the locks” on the doors.  We should be open all the time for the community.

JACLA’s purpose is to provide a place that nurtures Jewish activities listed in ABOUT (eating, drinking, learning, giving, loving, arguing, dancing, laughing, growing, returning, connecting, supporting and eating more).

JACLA hopes to greatly increase its frequency and scope of activities.  It can do this with more volunteers and enhancing its relationship with the community and its leaders.


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