UNITY Magazine by JACLA

*** Sponsorship ***

Advertising and Sponsorship UNITY benefits your business and the community.

  • Reach a target audience
  • Sponsor events that benefit the community
  • The community is more inclined to support you, your business or organization
  • Bring people closer to each other
  • Increase Torah observance and mitzvot performance
  • Sponsor a whole month of Jewish programs for the larger Jewish community, not just one program for a micro community


 Full page = $1800  1/2 page = $900  1/4 page = $500

*Discounted rates for 3x, 6x and 12x multiple months

*Premium prices for back cover, inside cover and special events.

Business Card Size Ads.  Got a smaller budget?  The back inside page has 12 spots available for business card size ads.

 Cost is only = $180 per month

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