UNITY MAGAZINE by JACLA hiring General Manager

UNITY Magazine by JACLA

Formerly the JACLA Magazine, UNITY is a high-gloss, premium monthly publication.  UNITY features articles and events from Ashkenaz, Sephardic, Persian, Israeli, French-Moroccan, and other Jewish nationalities represented throughout SoCal.

  • Articles and Torah insights by rabbis and community leaders from different communities throughout SoCal
  • Events hosted by synagogues and organizations throughout SoCal
  • Display ads promoting sponsors of Jewish events
Unity Magazine by JACLA

Unity Magazine by JACLA


UNITY gives scholars and leaders from micro communities the ability to share Torah insights with members of the larger Jewish community and informs members of micro communities what’s happening in other micro communities.


FREE at kosher restaurants, stores, and Jewish businesses, organizations and synagogues.  5,000 physical copies printed per month with estimated 20,000 per month readership plus online readership.


JACLA is a non-profit so revenues first go to cover expenses and profits are put back into the community.


UNITY has taken an innovative approach to advertising.   Financial contributors provide the means to spread Torah and unity, and we respond by informing the community of your support with a display ad appropriately placed in the publication.  Sponsors make it possible to bring Jews closer and increase Torah observance and miztvot performance.  Click here for sponsorship info.

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JACLA Magazine - April Edition (Passover)

JACLA Magazine – April Edition (Passover) 2016

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JACLA Magazine, March (Purim) Edition 2016