Unity Magazine by JACLANOW HIRING!

September 7, 2016

General Manager (GM) is a critical position in  the success of UNITY Magazine.  The GM will work in partnership with the Editor, who works behind the scenes.

The GM will have a full time blessing to work with amazing rabbis, Jewish organizations and supporters to ensure distribution of Torah lessons, increase unity and performance of mitzvot throughout the Los Angeles area.

GM Duties (most can be done online and by phone):

  1. Collect articles on weekly Torah portions for the following month and maintain good relations with community leaders and rabbis providing the articles.
  2. Collect Event information from Jewish organizations and synagogues throughout SoCal.  UNITY promotes their events for them to the wider Jewish community.
  3. Solicit sponsorship.  Establish and maintain relationships with sponsors in exchange for display ads and/or credit in the magazine.  Unity is owned by JACLA, a non-profit organization.  Not a hard sale.


$5,000 per month plus 25% of donations, advertising and sponsorship revenues above $10,000 per month.  Minimum sponsorship $10,000 total per month.

The way it works is simple:  Sponsorships pay hard costs for printing and distribution (about $5,000).  You keep 100% of sponsorship income up to the first $10k, guaranteeing you $5,000 per month.  Sponsors often renew every month or plan ahead to sponsor times they choose.  You receive a bonus of 25% of any sponsorship revenues above $10,000.  Sponsors are often provided by the relationships with rabbis and organizations you already interface with for content.  It’s not a hard sell – they are accustomed to sponsoring shuls and events.  UNITY Magazine enables their tzedakeh sponsorship reach a lot farther.

Profits are donated back into the Jewish community.

Editor’s Duties include creation of physical and virtual assets, edit content, design the pages of articles, events and sponsorship sections, interface with 3rd party printer, distributor, publish online, and report performance metrics.

Editor is the last to get paid.  If there aren’t enough revenues, the Editor simply does not get paid.  Currently, Aryeh Rifkin is the Editor (he evidently enjoys not getting paid).